The problem with Marxism

Marxism is set in theory by a dialectic, namely the historical dialectic, which is a becoming of change and progress through history by the means of contradictions solving themselves through time. The marxist system uses the dialectic (not to be confused with Hegelian dialectic/Marx broke away from Hegelian conception) to understand the world in a scientific observation that would give light to the darkness of idealistic thought posited by Hegel. Marxism accepts that history is dialectic but marxism is situated within history and does not consider itself also as being dialectic. Marxists treat marxism as an ‘immortal’ science, like it’s above history and is a divine interpreter of events but they do not realize marxism is situated within its history and part of the dialectic of its own conception. Marxists hold marxism constrained, they keep it dogmatic, the ideals become stale, the principles don’t work because history is dialectic and marxism is not, the world changes and it can’t accommodate itself towards this change, it’s viewing the world in a way that contradicts it for itself.

Marxism needs to be revived, it’s dead because it falls under the trap of transcendence (transcending history) that places it (a materialist theory) in a world of idealism. The very proponents of the materialism in Marxism is held captive by the idealistic dogmas of its followers and system.

The reason for the Marxian break away from Hegel’s dialectic is because Marx viewed it as being “mystical” and too subjective yet Marxism is falling right into the trap of itself being “mystical” and too subjective by alienating the dialectic within itself and creating an “absolute” philosophy (the very type of philosophy Marx criticized Hegel for). As history changes, marxism needs to change or else it becomes idealism (in Marxian thought- isolating subjective reality) devoid of any dialect and impotent to cause change in a world it holds so dearly to the fluxes of change.

On capitalism

Capitalism is a historical necessity brought on by the purpose of consciousness which is creation to satisfy desire. In capitalism we shape the world through desire and its fulfillment, through capitalism we have made the world, we have instilled meaning in the world, capitalism is an art, it is an expression of our humanity and natural desires, it is the most natural progression that had to happen that stemmed right from our very nature. We have manifested our desires in the physical world through capitalism, we can be our true selves through it. In capitalism humanity is free but it is also enslaved by its freedom, it is a slave to its desires and its nature. Capitalism creates the symbolic order which structures the very fabric of our reality. Capitalism has created a culture , this culture stems from the very connection our consciousness has with the world we live in. A unity is built from this connection, the connection of external and internal, where both play equal roles in shaping the world we live in. There is no humanity with the abolishment of capital and capitalism, we cease to extend ourselves within reality, to extend our humanity. Capitalism is art, it is a creative expression, it is an almost spontaneous and free expression originating from the core of the human condition.

Capitalism is also a necessary component in shaping history. The over-surplus and indulgence is the progress that moves history forwards, the actualization of global communism will end history by removing the over-surplus and stagnating history.