On capitalism

Capitalism is a historical necessity brought on by the purpose of consciousness which is creation to satisfy desire. In capitalism we shape the world through desire and its fulfillment, through capitalism we have made the world, we have instilled meaning in the world, capitalism is an art, it is an expression of our humanity and natural desires, it is the most natural progression that had to happen that stemmed right from our very nature. We have manifested our desires in the physical world through capitalism, we can be our true selves through it. In capitalism humanity is free but it is also enslaved by its freedom, it is a slave to its desires and its nature. Capitalism creates the symbolic order which structures the very fabric of our reality. Capitalism has created a culture , this culture stems from the very connection our consciousness has with the world we live in. A unity is built from this connection, the connection of external and internal, where both play equal roles in shaping the world we live in. There is no humanity with the abolishment of capital and capitalism, we cease to extend ourselves within reality, to extend our humanity. Capitalism is art, it is a creative expression, it is an almost spontaneous and free expression originating from the core of the human condition.

Capitalism is also a necessary component in shaping history. The over-surplus and indulgence is the progress that moves history forwards, the actualization of global communism will end history by removing the over-surplus and stagnating history.

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